Rose Clip

Brass plated with 18k Siam Yellow Gold

0.25ct Russian Emerald


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Clues explore the mystery, unknown and unbreakable. A link between precious objects and the body, like art of henna dancing on the skin. Hand crafted using 18k Siam gold, the collections features from clusters of delicate chains to bold chains with a combination of loose to fixed links, marriage with exceptionally hand-picked baguette, kite and round diamonds. Clues sculptures around your ears, fingers and hand connecting by movements, symbolize infinite scales of oval chain links of the unknown end and an air of mystery.


Comparing the paradoxical complementation of Araki’s sensual work with theart of rope knots is the conceptual core of Twisted. Our house signature Siam gold is hand-woven into delicate rope; subtly combined with mother of pearl seashell inlays, soft tones of tsavorites, and diamond briolette. Evoking a sense of survival, pieces from Twisted express the transformative relationship between manmade utilitarian objects, and the soft complexity of mother earth.

Ginkgo Metrics

Ginkgo Metrics explores the tension and fusion of two contrasting concepts, a juxtaposition of beauty in undisturbed natural life forms contrasted with the restrictions and severity of geometry. Crafted using 18k Siam Gold, the collection features bold geometrical shapes with a subtle use of precious stones in pave setting; imperfect linear patterns from a Ginkgo Leaf treasured from a trip to Japan are hand embedded onto Siam Gold to achieve the most honest imprint, capturing a certain memory of a place and time.


Curved, coiled, globular orbs of boldness beauty with a hint of mischief, the collections unique shapes are derived from an imaginary union between a tulip and a poisonous mushroom, both natural life forms encountered during a trip to Amsterdam. Unlike the smooth surface of an ordinary mushroom or tulip, the Tushroom collection explores textural elements and embraces our signature hand imprinted Antré texture, dimpled surfaces inspired by local limestone stalactites.

Crafted in pure Siam Gold, the Tushroom collections texture is simultaneously jagged yet smooth, flecked with natural imperfections by the process of hand molding, every piece of the Tushroom collection is unique.


Tiny is an ode to the designer's love for intricate details, the Tiny Collection features 0.5cm charms handcrafted from solid 18k Siam Yellow Gold. 

Taking inspiration from the Animal Kingdom to celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the Tiny Collection features twelve animals on the Lunar calendar. 


‘Coexistence’ is an ode to the beginning of Patcharavipa and the place of its birth, Amphawa.  Famed for its floating market, this hidden gem manifests the nostalgic air of old Siam. It is a place where the designer’s grandparents found love and began their life long journey selling fabric from their long tail boats.

‘Coexistence’ expands the designer’s experimental use of materials by marrying rare traditional coconut shells found only in Amphawa left entirely in their organic form with precious metals and stones to create bold distinctive wearable art pieces. True art embraces the imperfect finding unexpected beauty in even simple natural forms, and when unrelated elements unite, they create entirely new meaning.