Patcharavipa’s designs are hand crafted using a careful combination of precious and rare unexpected materials from coconut shells, sacred woods to precious gemstones with 18k Siam Gold.

Inspired by the designers curiosity in natural forms and materials, Patcharavipa takes pride in using the finest locally sourced materials both sentimental and rare. Patcharavipa embraces the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, a notion centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and that irregularity is part of an objects beauty.  We treat our materials with the utmost respect using a combination of innovative and traditional methods.

Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell is amongst the only woods to never rot, it is robust, with a skin as smooth as ivory. There is a certain type of fiddle whose body can be made from a shell that only grows in Amphawa. Very few artisans can shape this coconut, which grows in the fluid form of a woman’s silhouette. When it is strung, this body echoes with the magic qualities of this place.

Sacred Ebony

Sourced in Burma, the rare Ebony has stood as a spiritual symbol within South East Asian Culture. Tales of bad luck have been told of craftmen who failed to pay respect to the material before cutting into the wood.


Amphawa is where the founder’s grandparents met and fell in love, while selling fabric from their long boats. They formed a bond with this place that has continued for generations. Love transforms the commonplace into the exceptional.

Siam Gold

Siam Gold is a stamp still seen on antiques and family heirlooms. At once plain and evocative, this modest mark captures the essence of Thailand in the 1930s. It bears witness to a world when life was simpler and Siam stood as a symbol of independence. The shape, feel and wear of our designs capture the essence of this Thai nobility and the spirit of a simpler time. All the gold in Patcharavipa’s creations has been processed in Thailand.


Patcharariva’s pieces are known for an aesthetic audacity and a delicate handling of materiality and texture. Each creation is defined by the sensuality of its volume, a love of surprising contrasts, and a reverence for its artistic inspiration. From our Bangkok studio, Patcharavipa’s master craftsmen preserve the legend of Thai expertise, while a strong dedication to innovation fixes our gaze firmly on the future.

Our designs take lessons from the past and original forms but are transforming them into modern heirlooms. Patcharavipa creates pieces that feel ancient yet unmistakably modern, fluid on the skin and tactile to the touch. Our unique approach bonds bold, freeform silhouettes with unusual textures to create masterpieces at once familiar and totally unique. We are contemporary, reflective and aware, learning from the past to design tomorrow. We are creating the timeless and the timely, objects that fuse cultural history with the modern world


The Patcharavipa in house studio preserves the legend of Thai expertise, while a strong dedication to innovation fixes our gaze firmly on the future. All of our pieces are handcrafted by our master craftsmen with aim to bring out the natural beauty of each material. Using a combination of traditional Thai craftsmanship and modern innovative techniques, we have the utmost respect for our materials and our techniques echoes an important Japanese notion of Wabi-Sabi – the art of finding beauty in imperfections, profundity in earthiness, revering authenticity of the original form above all. 

Our creative process is the art of revealing natural beauty. Patcharavipa draws out the hidden forms from materials, gently coaxing metals, stones and organic matter through handcrafted techniques into stunning pieces. Patcharavipa creates pieces that feel ancient yet unmistakably modern, fluid on the skin and tactile to the touch. 


Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura is a Thai fine jewellery designer based in Bangkok and London. She officially launched her eponymous label in 2014, after graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, Patcharavipa is also a certified gemologist from the Graduate Diamonds Program at the Gemology Institute of America and the Color Stones Program at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences.

Patcharavipa’s pieces have an organic and sensual aesthetic. Using locally sourced gemstones and rare unexpected materials, she gives them signature finishes notable in her hand imprinted Antré texture, which results in sculptural designs that convey modernity, elegance, and which feel fluid on the body.

Patcharavipa began crafting her first jewellery at age thirteen, drawing inspiration from her family life and legacy. She was born into an illustrious clan of inventors, developers and philanthropists. Most notable is her maternal great grandfather, Nai Lert, a beloved transportation and real estate visionary.