As much as it is important to learn from the past, we must also look to the future. We are contemporary, reflective and aware, learning from the past to design for tomorrow. We are creating the timeless and the timely, objects that fuse cultural history with the modern world.


The organic shapes of the body are precise and powerful. Anatomy is always the product of a purpose; it is the aesthetic of action and optimism. To design for the body is to find a form at once organic and sensual, using sculptural methods to convey modernity and elegance.


The signature texture of Patcharavipa is a dimpled surface, inspired by the limestone stalactites of exotic hideaways and caves. These sheltered hollows offer an unexpected sense of security and mystery, stillness and calm. Darkness does not always mean sadness; it is empowering to be alone, and joyful to be at peace.

Coconut Shell

There is a certain Thai fiddle that can only be made from a shell that grows in Amphawa. Very few artisans can shape this specific type of coconut, whose skin is as smooth as ivory and whose body resembles the fluid silhouette of a woman.

Nai Lert

Philosophy is based on the four sublime states: love (metta), compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekkha). Represented by a cross in a circle, this philosophy was fundamental to Nai Lert’s way of life. From this, the family inherited these values and traditions that continue today.


The starting point for a story changes what is told. The origin of a material must always begin with how and why it came to be, but these tales can be equally sentimental or scientific. They might recount the story of grandparents finding love, or evoke a violent volcanic formation.

Siam Gold

At once plain and evocative, the modest mark of Siam Gold is a stamp still seen on antiques and family heirlooms. The shape, feel and wear of our designs evoke this spirit of a simpler time. All the gold in Patcharavipa’s creations has been processed in Thailand.


The exotic islands of the Thai coastline are peppered by caves, places deep and cool where the sea reflects sunlight onto walls of stone. There is a dangerous beauty to their darkness, mixed with the security of being enclosed. Here light is trapped, cut by sharp rocks into a crystal form.


The most precious things are often out of sight. Perhaps this is why the heart is hidden inside our bodies, and not displayed on our fingertips. Concealing is the essence of intimacy, and gives us the pleasure of the unknown, the seduction of the secret, and the thrill of expectation.